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The most prestigious jurisdictions for forming a company Zitat · Antworten

In general, all jurisdictions can be divided into classic offshore, low-tax jurisdictions and prestige jurisdictions. The prestige of a jurisdiction corresponds to its rank, which is determined by considering and evaluating information from the International Sanctions List, the OECD Gray or Black List and the EU Jurisdiction White List as well as data on the development of financial markets to determine whether the jurisdiction is FATF AML is deficient and whether there are money laundering concerns. These are the basic criteria that matter in determining whether the jurisdiction is prestigious or not. It cannot be considered prestigious if it is on a financial blacklist.

Austria, France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Switzerland are among the top five most reputable jurisdictions for incorporating a company.

A general overview of Austria
Registering a company or start-up in this territory allows the owner(s) to participate in all projects initiated by the Austrian government. The basic company types available are LLC, ULP, PJSC, PLLC, LLP, and JSC.

Taxes: The income tax rate is 25%, with a minimum corporation tax of EUR 500, plus 20% VAT and a capital tax that varies between 0.8% and 1%. If the subsidiary is registered within the EU, the tax rate on dividend income is 0%; if not, it is 25%.

Austria has agreements with more than 90 countries that enable companies to avoid double taxation. It has no exchange control. This jurisdiction ensures the confidentiality of business data.

A general overview of France
France is a respectable jurisdiction that allows your company to offer products and services bearing the mark of a European company. The basic legal structures available are SP, GP, PJSC, PJSC, LLC, CLS and LLPE.

France offers a number of options: the ability to obtain credit from French banks, the ability to obtain a residence permit, no taxation for companies registered in the country doing business outside of France, and no exchange controls. France has agreements with more than 89 other countries that allow companies to avoid double taxation.

A general overview of the United Kingdom
The UK is considered a respectable jurisdiction due to its high level of legal protection, a simple and transparent tax system, the ability to charge VAT and the availability of nominee services.

The basic company types available in the UK are PC, Limited Warranty Company, ULC and LLC. Again, there are no tax obligations for UK registered companies operating exclusively outside the country. Corporate tax rates depend on profit (between 20% and 24%). The UK has agreements with more than 100 countries that allow companies to avoid double taxation.

A general overview of the United States of America
The US offers a respectable, highly trusted jurisdiction for a company to register, allowing it to offer products and services bearing a US company's trademark. This jurisdiction imposes no tax obligations on entities designated as non-resident and also permits nominee services. There is no taxation for companies incorporated in the country that do all their business outside of the United States.

The basic legal structures available are private contractor, corporation, branch of a foreign corporation, representative office of a foreign corporation, partnership, LLC, joint venture, or LLJSC.

A general overview of Switzerland
The good reputation of this jurisdiction is based on several factors, such as strong business development, a dynamic economy and a track record of innovation. The most important corporate forms available in Switzerland are LLC, ULP, JSC, Commandite Partnership and Subsidiary.

Switzerland offers a high level of confidentiality, the world's leading currency, mechanisms to avoid double taxation, a reasonable tax system with tax rates depending on residence, income level and legal form of the company, tax optimization opportunities and the opportunity to set up service companies that can for the administration used for the business activities of the parent company and can serve as the overseas offices of international companies.

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